Ace of Spades HQ

Obama goes on Rev. Al Sharpton’s show (eye roll) to say his name isn’t on the ballot, but his agenda is.

Notice he only says this for a black audience. Why? Because every Democratic candidate is running as hard as possible away from that idea. If the voters know that a vote for the Democrat is a vote for Obama’s agenda — as he says, and as is the case, of course– they’ll get an evisceratin’.

It is only the Democratic bullshit that these are “individual races” and that each Democrat is independent of Obama and Pelosi that keeps these close at all.

So Obama: Why don’t you say this on tv to a general audience?

Take your 37 percent job approval and tell the whole country — not just the blacks who have a racial pride in, and emotional attachment to, you — that a vote for a Democrat is a vote for the Obama agenda.

go figure…

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