I didn’t get a shot of it, though I tried, but last night I saw two black women dressed up as Michelle Obama.  The bar was just too dark for the picture to come out.  I’m going to try again tonight, and keep watch during the Halloween Parade here in Boystown…to get a picture of them (as I assume they, or others, will wear those costumes again tonight).

The women had on Supremes-style wigs, like the fancier wigs that Michelle Antoinette wears for special occasions.

They each had on ugly floral print dresses with giant Klingon war belts.

They had all sorts of bling on and when they walked through the bar, they pushed and shoved people and told them to “Make way! Make way! First Ladies coming through!”.

It was wonderful.

They may very well have been black men in drag.  Who still looked and behaved more lady-like than our actual First Spouse.

I told you before that one of the signs the Obamas would be in real trouble would be if either drag queens started doing Michelle Antoinette in their acts or if people felt comfortable enough to dress up as Michelle at Halloween and lampoon her behavior.

That Spain trip she took seems to be what did it.

Before that, none of the terrible things she said or did registered with the public at large, because people seemed afraid to be called RAAACISTS! for criticizing her.  Meanwhile, all that false praise was lumped on the woman by the media, where she was put on a pedestal and called “the world’s greatest fashion icon”.  That overboard, extreme, sycophancy does not sit well with people.  It was only a matter of time before people started caricaturizing her and laughing at her bad behavior.

The spell is broken folks.

People are no longer afraid of criticizing the Obamas.

Michelle Antoinette, portrayed as an entitled, lavishly-spending, pushy and out of touch diva, is fair game it seems.

I’m sure the White House doesn’t realize it, but this is a major milestone in the Obama presidency.  The First Spouse has behaved so badly, spent so much money, and repulsed so many people with her over the top antics that the media-enforced, white-guilt-based, embargo on ridiculing the Obamas has now been lifted.

It started with two black women (or possibly drag queens) in Boystown last night…but who knows where it will end.

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