Everyone please take a moment, in your heart, to wish Former First Lady Laura Bush a happy 64th birthday today.

I fully admit I didn’t appreciate this woman enough when she lived in the White House.  She was so understated and sublime in her role as First Lady, carrying herself always with such quiet, unassuming grace that I took her for granted. 

She never embarrassed America.  She never said anything bad about Americans.  She never committed any gross acts of hypocrisy or scolded people for being obese without ever seemingly looking into a mirror. 

She dressed appropriately at all times.  She was polite and kind to all she met.  When she traveled abroad, she gave thoughtful, historic gifts to world leaders and returned with the love and thanks of our allies overseas for being so cordial and gracious on her visits.

Neither of the Bushes ever took lavish vacations with Versailles-grade entourages. 

They maintained the White House as a shrine to the best of America, not as a venue for them to have endless cocktail parties, concerts, or other personal amusements.

Mrs. Bush, you are deeply missed by a guy who wasn’t smart enough to appreciate you when you were First Lady…but is so grateful your example lives on for future First Ladies and Gentlemen who will no doubt follow in your shoes…not Michelle Obama’s $450 sneakers.

It’s a damn shame the current first spouse doesn’t spend more time thinking about “What would Laura Bush do, wear, or say today?”. 

We’d all be a lot better off it that happened.

the whole family is a class act!

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