So, that MSNBC coverage last night was pretty bad, huh? « Hot Air

Watching MSNBC’s nauseating, petty, smug election coverage was like watching a live stream of a Park Slope dinner party. And it made it official. The network, which has adopted a piecemeal strategy of partisanship—the evening schedule seems to add a liberal firebrand every six months—has now completed its transformation into the left-wing version of Fox News. Prior to the election, one could hear Chris Matthews comparing the brief and isolated outbreak of violence at a Rand Paul event to—you guess it!—Germany in the 1930s. Not to be outdone, Ed Schultz popped up an hour later declaring that it reminded him too of Nazi violence. A few days later, Matthews would praise Jon Stewart’s Rally for Sanity, which called for the media to tone down the hyperbole, as “a positive thing.” Last night he was to be found making dick jokes on television as his party was being driven off a cliff.

GE television

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