American Thinker Blog: Team Obama: It was Rahmbo’s fault

Washington insiders never really understood Rahm Emanuel. He has very deep roots in Chicago – political, religious, and personal. The personal ambition bug may have allowed him to dream of being Speaker of the House but once he saw the coming GOP tsunami he knew it would probably be years before he would get a chance to realize that dream. If he ran for Congress again, he would have to start at the bottom of the seniority ladder and work his way up.

Then came Daley’s retirement announcement and the once in a lifetime opportunity to run for Mayor of his hometown. Other Dems might see it as Rahmbo abandoning them in their hour of need, but there are limits to what any politician is willing to give in personal loyalty and self denial.

For Emanuel, sticking around to help his party through this nightmare of an election proved to be asking too much.

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