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A year ago, Barack Obama responded to the Fort Hood shooting by giving shout-outs to his friends before actually getting to the topic in his speech addressing the attack that killed 14 people.  Yesterday, Obama gave a shout-out to remember the victims of the Mumbai massacre two years ago while touring India, but the administration couldn’t spare a word for our own soldiers killed by then-Major Nidal Hasan:

President Obama’s remarks a year ago were odd enough leading with an unpresidential and out of touch “shout out,” but for the White House to completely ignore the Ft. Hood anniversary is disturbing.

Obama, though he likes to remind himself that he is the commander-in-chief, has always demonstrated his disdain for our troops and seemingly cannot help it. Ignoring Ft. Hood is just another example. …

There were no statements or Tweets from the White House or Robert Gibbs regarding Ft. Hood. However, Obama did mention, in his statements upon arrival in India, the Mumbai massacre:

President Obama opened his 10-day Asia trip on a somber note Saturday, memorializing the victims of the devastating terror attacks that tore through Mumbai two years ago. “We’ll never forget,” he said.

obama must be at home now…

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