Meet The Illinois Woman Arrested For Assaulting Cop With A Sex Toy | The Smoking Gun

Meet Carolee Bildsten. The Illinois woman, 56, is facing an aggravated assault rap after allegedly attempting to strike a cop with a sex toy.

As part of an investigation into a claim that Bildsten had skipped out on a restaurant bill last night, an officer from the Gurnee Police Department accompanied the suspect to her apartment, where she promised to retrieve money to pay the tab, according to a police press release.

However, when Bildsten reached inside a dresser drawer to get the purported cash, she instead removed a “clear, rigid feminine pleasure device,” held it above her head, and advanced on the cop “in a threatening manner.” The officer responded by knocking the sex toy out of the way before he was struck with the device.

The sex toy, which was not confiscated by cops, was further described by Deputy Chief Kevin Woodside in a TSG interview. The item, he noted, was six inches long and “attached to a nylon harness.”

In addition to the assault count, Bildsten was charged with public intoxication and theft of services for allegedly dining and dashing at Joe’s Crab Shack. Bildsten is pictured above in a mug shot taken in September following her arrest for drunk driving. She can be seen here in a photo snapped following last night’s collar.

Bildsten, free on a personal recognizance bond, is scheduled for a December 6 court appearance.

assault with a friendly weapon…

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