American Thinker Blog: The party of evil — and stupid?

First, House Democrats re-elected Nancy Pelosi to be their minority leader after historic-level losses. It’s like promoting Custer had he survived Little Big Horn.

I’m sure there’s a strategy in there somewhere.

Now, the far-left is pushing President Obama to go into unconstitutional overdrive abusing Article II executive power through use of executive orders and regulations to create policy that is the constitutional prerogative of Congress.

Did anyone tell the far left about this Tea Party thing, which is creating an unprecedented, renewed concentration on the limits of constitutional authority?

Coming after the left was relentless in claiming that President George W. Bush abused Article II executive power, the Obama administration’s earlier aggrandizement of power, such as creating Government Motors, and more recently, the TSA’s new invasive airport screening angering everyone — and which even the ACLU opposes — we can only conclude that the Democratic Party has a political death wish.

The old line is that Democrats are the party of evil, and Republicans the party of stupid. Democrats appear to be poised to overtake Republicans as the party of stupid.

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