Quotes of the day « Hot Air

“In the short time it took Clinton to wrest back control of the White House yesterday from his skinny successor, he had people swooning and panting for his return.

“One viewer said he was tempted to mute the TV and pretend it was 1997 and Clinton was still president and the economy was still wonderful.

“As Obama looked on and fidgeted, the master schooled the pupil on being presidential.

“He was open, easy, funny, confident. Never teachy, preachy, defensive or arrogant. Clinton had total command of the small details but never wandered from the high perch of the big picture…

“As one observer noted, ‘Instead of leaving, Obama should have stuck around to see how it’s done.’”

“Bill Clinton seems the perfect validator for Barack Obama — which is why the President is utilizing the former president for selling his tax deal. After all, the economy boomed when Clinton was president and 22 million net new jobs were created. From a more narrow political perspective — and this is important to Democrats in Washington — Bill Clinton was reelected, even though he lost both houses of Congress in the 1994 midterms.

“But the analogy falls apart as soon as you realize Clinton’s economy was vastly different from Obama’s

“I admire Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. I advised the former and worked for the latter. They are good men. But they have either been outwitted by the privileged and powerful of America, or seduced by those on Wall Street and the executive suites of America into believing that the Republican nostrums are necessary, or succumbed Democratic advisors who think in terms of small-bore tactics rather than large and principled strategies.”

talk about theater of the absurd…

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