Austin Weight Loss

Ever heard of  Weight Loss Forever?

It was a weight loss center with several locations across the country. The corporate office was located in Virginia.

A lot of people had great results using these centers so I will not say that you are wasting time and money going to one.  However, many of these centers require you put a lot of money up front for products, counseling, meal plans and so forth.

And, hundreds of people did just that with Weight Loss Forever… and lost thousands!

Yes, one day the outfit decided to close up shop, unannounced and kept every one’s money.

Here is a story about the place; Weight Loss Forever Story

Yes, this is an isolated incident but it shows how much money people are willing to spend to try and lose weight and that can put you at risk of those who would steal from you just as soon as look at you.

People were losing hundreds and thousands of dollars? To lose weight?

I suppose when there is rent to pay, and employees to pay, and advertising and all that sort of stuff that is required to run a brick and mortar business, well, somebody has to pay for it and that someone is you, so be careful!

I think the number one reason people go to weight loss clinics and centers is because of the support system.  It is hard to keep motivated and the willpower will start to drop as you have your ups and downs and highs and low while trying to lose weight.

Been there, done that and this is why we created Austin Weight Loss, to try and give you the support you need without spending so much money, and risking that money in hopes you will not be taken advantage of.

Businesses go out of business all the time so when someone ask you to give them your credit card for future payments in the hundreds or thousands of dollars, please think twice about it.

good advice…

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