Carpenters Chicago | Chicago Carpenters Recommended

I’ll tell you what to look for when interviewing and choosing a Chicago carpenter as well as what credentials they should have.

If you are a DIY kind of guy or gal we will look at things like choice of woods, staining and finishing, various carpentry techniques, deck building, the proper tools to use (I goofed up big time on this one!), including lumber, nails and fasteners and so much more!

So, if you do not know your plumb bob from your scissor truss, or your bearing walls from your birdsmouth, then please spend a few minutes going through the site. Carpenters Chicago is an ever expanding source for the little guy, put together by a little guy just trying to right a few wrongs and make our city a better place! Not to mention one that is beautifully constructed with nothing out of square and all the cuts perfectly lined up!!

projects are piling up in my old house. looks like I’ll need to hire some help…

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