Juan Williams is Right, Palin Can’t Stand on Same Intellectual Stage as Obama – Big Journalism

We all supported Juan Williams when he was dumped from NPR for actually trying to have an honest conversation about terrorism. We cheered for him as he was hired by Fox News. I applaud O’Reilly when he has Williams host. I mean, when was the last time Rachel Maddow or Keith Olbermann had a moderate conservative sit in for them? Over the weekend, however, Juan Williams reminded us all why he is still a “brain-dead” liberal.


There is no doubt that if Palin went back to college at an Ivy League university and received a Ph.D. in physics that liberals would still say she was “anti-intellectual” or just plain stupid. They hate her. They hate her family, her husband, her children, and her beliefs. They hate her success and the adoration that she has gained from a large amount of the American population. This will never change. And just has these realizations were frustrating me as I watched this clip, I realized that Juan was right. Palin can’t stand on the same stage, intellectually, with Obama.

If you’ve watched 10 minutes of Sarah Palin’s Alaska on TLC or even a 5 minute interview with Sarah you’ll recognize instantly that she doesn’t mince words. Sarah Palin doesn’t beat around the bush. She doesn’t hide her meanings and she doesn’t use childish analogies about cars in ditches to illustrate America’s complex problems. She talks straight, albeit sometimes in extraordinarily laymen’s terms.

When the media world was turned upside-down with the announcement of Palin being on the Presidential ticket with McCain, the media did it’s best to discredit every word she had ever uttered. They did their best to find flaws in her stories at the 2010 Republican National Convention speech and scoured through her gubernatorial debates to find unfulfilled campaign promises to discredit her truthfulness. And the MSM failed, quite miserably. Nothing the MSM could bring out would stick so they decided to invent things (see the “Bush doctrine” question as a prime example).  In other words, Sarah Palin has been proven over and over again to be a person that tells the truth when she speaks. When she made campaign promises about the Alaska government becoming more transparent and fiscally responsible, she actually meant it and has a record to show for it. The same could not be said for the President who promised transparency and a more responsible government.

So, it looks like Juan Williams is right, Sarah Palin cannot stand on the same “intellectual stage” as President Obama. Or rather, Obama cannot stand on the same stage as Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is a straight-talking, articulate (although, rarely qualified as much by the MSM), super-mom turned political pundit. President Obama is a sleek, charismatic but somewhat emotionally aloof politician who can read a teleprompter like nobody’s business (except when it references the military – then he’s a little lost). People who will be impressed but such theatrics (like “brain-dead” liberals) which look great on camera but do little toward the preservation of our country, will be impressed by such things. Juan Williams is one of those people and yet he somehow managed to stumble on to the truth in his Palin Derangement Syndrome rant: Sarah Palin, when it comes to intellectual honesty, is miles above President Obama’s “stage”.

I don’t want a lecture from a president. I want someone who will stand up and say, “LET’S ROLL!” and DO IT. Does ANYONE see Boehnner, Paul, DeMint, or any of the others mentioned on the “A” list doing that?

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