Here’s a sobering thought: Criticism not same as racism – Chicago Sun-Times

Carol Moseley Braun earned the scorn that I — and I’d bet a big chunk of the community she claims to speak for — hold for her. For her to cry racism at it being uttered is just sad. Nobody is forced to read my column, and the people who read it do so because they want an open, unbiased take on life. I have been writing for the Sun-Times since 1984. Braun’s demand that I be fired is not the first, nor if I do my job properly, the last such call. This job is a joy and an honor that I do not take lightly, and I appreciate the hundreds of e-mails of support and encouragement — far, far more than any complaints.

just what will it take to have an election in chicago where the “race card” isn’t played as readily as a complaint about the weather…

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