Skeleton Closet – Carole Moseley-Braun, The Dark Side


“If I lose, I’m going to retire from politics, practice law and wear bright leather pants.” — Moseley-Braun, during the 1990 Senate race.

“We were asking her fairly obvious questions. Things you’d expect a candidate for Senate to be familiar with. She was dumbfounded the entire time. She just sat there…. Then she’d fumble around with some half-baked answer. It was very awkward for all of us.” — Chicago Tribune political writer Thomas Hardy

“With this fund-raising being as successful as it is, as God is my witness, I will not go hungry again.” — Moseley-Braun

“For someone who has been in politics for 20-plus years to have so few if any supporters is remarkable. Her candidacy has more to do with psychology than politics. It’s just inexplicable.” — political consultant Don Rose.

“She had a chance to make a difference and blew it.” — Paul Stilp, former Braun aide

Oh yeah, she’s the most qualified candidate….

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