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Pelosi Reluctantly Leaves The Stage

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In the process of handing over the gavel of the speaker to John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi still a blowhard.

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Nancy Pelosi just couldn’t simply turn over the gavel of the speaker in what should have been a simple ceremony acknowledging the new Speaker of the House, John Boehner. No, ole Nancy had to leave in the same fashion she came in. Introducing her grandchildren, acknowledging her father’s political career and her Italian heritage. the botox heroine blinked her way through a 10 minute rant of her accomplishments.

This comes one day after her last press conference as Speaker, in which she announced that her highest priority had always been restraint on spending or “spend as you go” What we never realized is that Nancy meant that she would go to lots of places and spent lots of money. Apparently she treated herself to a Hawaii vacation in her last weeks courtesy of the US government. Thanks to Ms. Pelosi and her four year tenure, 5 trillion dollars was added to the national debt. Restraint on spending? Ms. Pelosi and her far left cronies never saw a dollar they couldn’t spend, even if they had to simply print it. I am thankful that the horrors of the past four years and Ms. Pelosi’s assault on the financial stability of the United States has come to a bloviating but complete end. So long “blinky”

God, will we ever see the end of her ilk?

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