The Ulsterman Report: Obama’s Disgusting Disparity – Fort Hood -vs.- Tucson | Newsflavor

13 killed and 30 wounded as a result of the Fort Hood Massacre. Six dead and 14 wounded in Tucson. President Obama reacts with detached attention to one tragedy, while showing deep concern for the other – but why?

A little more than a year ago, the nation dealt with a similar tragedy – at least in scope of lives lost and/or irreparably damaged, to that which took place the past week in Tucson Arizona.  The Fort Hood massacre saw Nidal Mialik Hasan, an American-born Muslim serving in the U.S. military, open fire on his fellow soldiers – all the while shouting “Allahu Akbar”. (God is great – the very phrase utilized by the 9/11 terrorists)

Hours after the tragedy that left American servicemembers dead and wounded on U.S. soil, a nation waited for word from its president.  When that word came, it left even members of President Obama’s supporters stunned and perplexed by both the tone and temperament of Obama’s passing mention of the Fort Hood tragedy.  Obama’s own hometown Chicago newspaper described the president’s performance as “frightening insensitivity” and an “awful moment for Barack Obama”.  The president’s first public statements following the Fort Hood Massacre said absolutely nothing of the event. Instead, he proceeded to give a joking “shout out” to “Dr. Joe Medicine Crow – that Congressional Medal of Honor winner.”  Several minutes went by before Obama made mention of the Fort Hood tragedy, and even then the remarks were oddly subdued and detached.

President Obama, the nation’s Commander in Chief, did not make an appearance at Fort Hood until November 10th – almost a week after the shootings.  In the intervening days between the shootings and the president’s visit to the military base, both his administration, Democrats, and the media urged caution in speculating what Hassan’s motivations were, even as evidence mounted that the attack was clearly politically motivated –   Muslim leaders in Syria called Hassan a hero in the war against America.  In an interview given to ABC the night prior to the Fort Hood memorial, President Obama refused to use the term terrorist – and even dismissed the attack with the following: In a country of 300 million people…There are going to instances, uh, in which, uh, an individual cracks.     A week later it was being reported Obama was urging fellow Democrats in Congress to delay investigations into the Fort Hood shootings until preliminary investigations had been completed, further justifying the criticism that Republicans and some Democrats were stating regarding the president’s rather nonchalant attitude over the deadly attack by a Muslim extremist on an American military base.

Now fast-forward to the president’s almost immediate response to the more recent events in Tucson.  Within an hour of the story breaking, President Obama made his first somber public statement regarding the events. FBI Director Robert Mueller was promptly dispatched to the scene.  The following day the president led a national moment of silence for the victims of the tragedy.  And as many in the media, Democratic Party, and figures such as Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik blamed the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Limbaugh, Republicans, etc. for helping to somehow instigate the shooting in Tucson, Obama voiced no urging of caution, or made any statement dismissing the shooter as simply one among 300 million who had “lost it.”  In fact, Obama took time to personally thank the belligerent Sheriff Dupnik for his service – the same Sheriff Dupnik who almost immediately following the shootings took to the stage to turn the tragedy into a political platform for immigration and a full on denunciation of almost all things conservative.  Click on the video to get the far left background that is Sheriff Dupnick – who as a sheriff sworn to uphold the law of his state, refused to do just when it came to enforcing the then newly passed (and highly popular) immigration law – calling the immigration law and its enforcement ”stupid and racist”.

So while it is clear President Obama treated the killing and wounding  of 43 U.S. military and civilians at Ford Hood with comparable indifference in relation to his response to the Tucson Tragedy, it is far less clear as to why.

What is motivating President Obama to react so differently to such tragic events?

The fact such a question is so easily asked of Obama by many Americans does not bode well for a nation’s true trust of the man currently inhabiting the White House and responsible for both leading and protecting this nation and its people…

any questions…?

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