Liberal Media Bias Exposed by

Fred Thompson’s as funny as Joe Biden, but in Fred’s case it’s intentional. The 21st century Will Rogers is back with more 144-character wit and wisdom.


Fred Thompson’s top ten tweets of the week: Another cheesy excuse to show a photo of Fred’s wife, Jeri

Dead fish washing up along Chicago lakefront. I guess Rahm’s gonna have plenty of presents to send to his political opponents.

Study: Watching TV damages your heart. Would’ve had study to see if watching MSNBC damages brain, but hardly anyone’s at risk.

Obama on unemployment: “talk to Goolsbee. That’s his job.” Yup. It’s Obama’s job to CREATE lousy numbers, not explain them.

New NYC law: no smoking on public sidewalks. Makes sense. Wouldn’t want tobacco smoke polluting car exhaust coming off the street

DC to use yoga to rehab city’s violent youths. Now when cop tells them to assume the position, they’ll stand on 1 leg & chant

Pelosi: “Deficit reduction has been a high priority for us.” Sure. Just like protecting sheep is a high priority for wolves.

In AR: 5,000 blackbirds mysteriously die & fall from sky. How long until Obama makes everyone buy falling-bird insurance?

White House to press: no shirtless Obama pix. Still risky. ANY press encounter w/o ‘prompter may show emperor has no clothes

EPA issues Haz Mat cleanup plan for mercury in CFL bulbs. Maybe we should stick w/ safer lighting technology: whale oil lamps

GOP Sen Coburn: country in for “apocalyptic pain” if spending not cut. Obama’s plan: borrow a bunch of aspirin from China.

Fred is so engaging when he’s not campaigning…

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