American Thinker: Obama 2.O: The First Big Lie

Barack Obama’s reign has seen one job killing measure after another, culminating in the greatest job killer of them all, ObamaCare.  David Harsanyi was on point when he wrote in his column “Obama Isn’t Fooling Anyone”  that  “I can’t recall a single federal program, piece of legislation or proposal in the past two years that was initiated to ease the burden on business or consumers.”

Obama’s rhetoric has chilled business activity. He has let regulators to run amok, whittling away our liberty. For a man whom environmentalists worship like a modern day Pan, he has sure cut down a large number of trees to make the pages that fill the rapidly expanding Federal Register, the Bible of Bureaucrats that is a compendium of all federal regulations. In Obama’s first two years in office, he showed nary a concern regarding the number of new regulations. He set brecords for both the number of major regulations issued (43) and their added annual net burden on the economy (at least $26.5 billion).

At his current pace, should Obama serve 8 years, he would add $212 billion in burdens to job creating businesses. But as pointed out in the Washington Examiner, the pace will be accelerated when Obama Care and the new Financial Regulation bills kick in this year. And who knows what mischief will come when the Consumer Protection Agency is formed under the leadership of Elizabeth Warren.

Great, two more years of this a-hole in campaign mode…

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