CNN: If you don’t want higher taxes, you’re “part of the problem” |

CNN: If you don’t want higher taxes, you’re “part of the problem”

January 29, 2011 · 19 comments

If you thought politicians were to blame for the spending frenzy that put us in our current economic situation, you’re wrong. And CNN contributor Roland Martin is there to set you straight.

It’s not the politicians’ fault. It’s your fault. You and the rest of the greedy American people.

The Daily Caller points out Martin’s finger pointing:

On CNN’s pre-State of the Union address coverage on Tuesday, Martin explained politicians are not completely to blame for the dire straits of entitlements. But instead he said it was the American people – since they’re not either willing to accept spending cuts or higher taxes.

“It’s not just they when we talk about politicians, it’s also the people who send them to Washington, D.C.,” Martin said. “When you look at the CBS poll where they laid out where they said, ‘Oh no, we don’t want taxes raised, but we don’t want cuts made to our Social Security or Medicare benefits. And again, the American people also want their cake and eat it as well. They’re also part of the problem. We can’t just sit here and say it’s 535 members in Congress.”

Understand? It wasn’t Congress’ 75 years of vote buying. It wasn’t their 75 years of selling drugs down at the economic junior high school. It wasn’t their 75 years of fixing free lunches. It wasn’t their 75 years of redistributing work ethic as well as income.

It was you.

And don’t forget it.

I guess I keep forgetting that it’s not my money but the government’s money and of course they know how to spend it. Thankfully, we have leftist loons like this douche to keep reminding us. I can see that our entitlement programs are producing some real thinkers…

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