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White House Insider: Michelle Obama is Flat Out Lying

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Our latest installment from our D.C. Insider states Michelle Obama is “flat out lying” about President Obama’s smoking habit, while also indicating a rift has already emerged between Valerie Jarrett and newly appointed White House Chief of Staff William Daley, and the possibility of a soon to come Congressional investigation set to rock the Obama administration.


Here is my take on the First Lady’s “Obama isn’t smoking anymore” comments this past week.  Michelle Obama is flat out lying and this kind of lying has become terminal within the Obama White House.  Is that direct enough for you?   I know for a FACT the president did NOT quit smoking last year.  Knowing that leaves me with the question of why Michelle Obama goes out and makes such a statement.  That is the question you should have been asking.  So why does she lie about her husband’s smoking habit?  Certainly she is aware others know she is lying.  So why do it?  And if the president had in fact quit smoking after a 30 year habit, how in the hell does he manage to lose weight while doing so?  The guy looks downright emaciated over the last year.  And of course I’ve already spoken to what might be causing that.

Now this entire subject might seem on the surface to be somewhat unimportant, right?  President Obama smokes or doesn’t smoke, who cares.  Ah, but now add the First Lady making the issue a public lie regarding the subject.  Why do that?  One, I think this White House has become less and less concerned with the appearance of truth.  They have already gotten away with so much, so many times, that they now are emboldened to say or do what they want even more, regardless of where the truth might fit in.  Now THAT should be of great concern to everyone.

Second, and this is total speculation here on my part, that there is an ongoing dispute between the First Lady and the president over his “habits”, and she put out that public statement as some kind of passive aggressive power play.  That is her motivation.  I don’t want to start on the psychology of a wife who would do that to a husband, make his habits and struggles a matter of public record, but it is a weird thing to do don’t you think?  Was the First Lady punishing the president?  Hell if I know, but it was a weird thing to do because so many of us know that the president has not quit smoking since last year.  And if the First Lady is so willing to lie about something so trivial as the president’s smoking habit, imagine what kind of other lies she is participating in.  Or don’t imagine as frankly it might be just too -expletive- scary to consider.

Now to something more directly political.  Received word that a rift is already developing between Valerie Jarrett and Bill D.  Daley is worried Obamacare will be too easily used against the president in 2012 and wants to make drastic alterations to the legislation by the end of this year so it can be sold as more popular than it currently is.  Jarrett is digging in against that idea, as in N-F-W that is gonna happen. The two have apparently shared some pretty heated exchanges on the subject.  Interesting to note that Daley already feels secure enough to challenge Jarrett in this way, leading me to believe he has something on her.  I say again most likely Chicago.  All roads lead back to Chicago with this White House.  Yes, the current irony of me making that statement does not escape me.  Hah!

And have you noticed presence of Jarrett everywhere?  She gave an interview on Fox for -expletive- sake.  Anyone still doubting my statements Jarrett is the true power in the administration can go to hell.  She is the real voice of Obama.  His words are first her words and that has never been more true than thispast year. Daley may attempt to challenge that situation though, and things could get very interesting from there.  Bill Daley can greatly improve Obama’s chances in 2012.  I and many others within the party have the utmost respect for Bill’s political instincts. He is already doing considerable work to mend fences between this White House and moderate Democrats.  If Jarrett maintains her hold over this administration, Obama’s chances for reelection are greatly diminished IMO.  Many are in wait and see mode regarding that situation – Jarrett vs Daley.  Not sure where Plouffe will fall in on that, but he may prove the deciding factor given the 2012 campaign is now fully underway for Obama.  Some of your readers might not realize the dynamics between Jarrett, Plouffe, and Daley.  Daley really is more of the Bill Clinton school, not the far-left Jarrett Chicago school.  His brother has even less respect for the Obama group.  As for Plouffe, he was an Obama believer back in the day along with the rest of us, but now maybe he’s just cashing a big check?  Daley’s appointment was not of Jarrett’s choosing, but came with the strong “suggestion” of some prominent donors who were sending out the signals that their support of Obama in 2012 was not a sure thing.  Bill Daley is the guy who is to mend some fences and shut down much of the progressive crap that dominated the first two years of the Obama White House, and that fact has to be driving hardliners like Valerie Jarrett absolutely -expletive- nuts.  Jarrett worked for the Daley machine.  I don’t think Bill Daley considers the present situation as in any way working for the likes of Valerie Jarrett.  All of this may be better served for discussion at another time though as this is getting a bit long winded on my part. Sorry about that.  At any rate, watch for possible stories of Daley/Jarrett friction as from what I have been told, that friction is already well underway and in my view represents the battle for the soul of the current Democratic Party where the Oval Office is now ground zero.

Lastly but most important, flurry of activity coming out of Issa office very recently.  Whispers now circulating something “concrete” has been found by Issa that is harmful to White House.  Enough so that legal reps from White House most recently met directly with Issa office.  Actually believe the Bill Daley appointment made in part to also help assist in heading that situation off in favor of the WH.  I still don’t trust Issa to follow through.  Fear he has gotten too cozy with WH but I could be wrong.  I hope so.  As to that something “concrete” is it related to the scandal I maintain is out there festering?  Birther related?  Not certain, but an important thing to realize the growing number of Dems who are hopeful that is the case.  That is a huge shift from just this time last year.  More and more of us are increasingly angry at this administration and the damage it has done to so many inside the party. 

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More to follow.


From the Ulsterman:  It was interesting to note that while receiving this most recent email from Insider regarding the First Lady “flat out lying” regarding Barack Obama’s smoking habit, Michelle Obama was on Good Morning America also declaring that the president does not dye his hair, despite ample evidence indicating otherwise.  And what then was the First Lady’s explanation as to the seemingly ever-changing Obama hair color?  “Lighting.”  Oh really?  This obvious lie once again demands the very question posed by Insider in this latest installment – why is the First Lady of the United States engaging in such obvious examples of untruths?  And if she is so willing to lie about such trivial matters as hair dye and a smoking habit, what far more important issues is this Obama White House willing to deceive Americans on? 

(Thank you to Dennis T. of the Ulsterman Facebook Army for bringing up this very valid question first!)


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