American Thinker Blog: AT contributor Phil Boehmke on what the ‘little people’ in WI think

The general consensus among those people I spoke with is that they fully support Scott Walker and the Republican legislature and they appreciate their willingness to stand up to the public sector unions and endure the rhetoric and angry crowds that have assembled in Madison. To a person, there was no sympathy for the public school teachers who they regard as overpaid and unproductive. Unlike Mr. Obama, who is not familiar with the proposed legislation, the Wisconsin residents whom I talked with know that the proposed “budget repair bill” does not affect either police or firefighters, nor do they bear any animosity towards those public servants.

The appearance of AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and fellow agitator Jesse Jackson in Madison on Friday merely served to prove to my friends and co-workers that Governor Walker and the Republican leadership were doing the right thing for the state and its overburdened taxpayers. My friend Bruce said: “If Rev. Jackson and that union thug Trumka are going to fire up the crowd, they must be scared.” Jason added: “Jack-ass Jesse Jackson? That proves we’re right. I just hope Walker doesn’t cave.”

There has been talk of veiled threats against Governor Walker, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, and other members of the Republican leadership. This has elicited a strong sense of outrage in the wake of Mr. Obama’s post-Tucson call for civility. Signs depicting Scott Walker as Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and the recently deposed Egyptian President Mubarak were prominently on display during the protests as the angry mob paid no attention to President Obama’s political dictate. Perhaps Mr. Obama’s quick embrace of the union mob in Madison suggested that civil discourse is not meant to apply to movements which are given the White House seal of approval.

maybe if Al Sharpton shows up…

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