American Thinker Blog: No joy in Unionville – Obama has struck out

No joy in Unionville – Obama has struck out

Neil Braithwaite

President Obama’s union support rhetoric reminds me of an over confident baseball slugger. When off the field, he comes across as someone you want standing at the plate when the big game is on the line. But on the field, it’s a completely different story.

Before walking onto the presidential field of play, Senator Obama talked a big game as a major slugger for the union team. Speaking often to union teammates and bragging of just what would happen if he ever had the opportunity to step up to the plate in a big game for the union team. 

One could just imagine Obama at the plate being served up a fat one right in his wheel-house. In the blink of an eye; the great one’s swing lifts the ball up and completely out of the stadium for a walk-off homer in the biggest game in union history. The union crowd cheering as Obama crosses home plate and is lifted high on the shoulders of his union teammates for a victory lap around the field. The cheers could be heard echoing throughout the stadium and surrounding city: Obama – Obama – Obama!

But we all know that didn’t happen. And unfortunately for team union, when served up that fat pitch in his wheel-house, President Obama stood there, bat on his shoulder and took the pitch for a strike. And not just strike one mind you, but for strike two and strike three as well. The slugger was OUT!

The shock and embarrassment is almost too much for team union and all their fans to bear. Not only had their big union slugger struck out, but he never even swung the bat.

So how could such a big union slugger like Obama choose not to swing the bat in the biggest game ever?

It’s simple, President Obama’s not a real player, he just plays one during campaigns.

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